Take Action

Urge your Senators to oppose so-called "Federal Drought Bill" introduced as S. 2198

Call Senator Barbara Boxer at (202) 224-3553 to oppose the federal drought bill that is being secretly negotiated in the Senate by Senator Feinstein to over-pump the Delta and override environment protections such as the Endangered Species Act. This bill will devastate the Delta economy and environment. Urge Senator Boxer to oppose Feinstein's legislation and hold a public hearing on this bill with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Details about the bill can be found in the EWC's oppostion letter. You can also call Senator's Feinstein's office at (202) 224-3841 to register your opposition to the bill, and the secret negotiations.

Urge your federal representative to oppose HR 1837

This bill introduced by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-San Joaquin Valley) would harm salmon, fishermen, the San Joaquin River, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The bill has recently recently passed out of committee, and will be heard on the House Floor very soon. The bill would:

  • Overturn the 2009 congressionally-approved settlement to restore the San Joaquin River;
  • Undermine Endangered Species Act protections for salmon and other species in California's Bay-Delta estuary;
  • Prevent other recently approved water protections from taking effect; and
  • Overturn existing California water law in favor of junior federal water contractors in the San Joaquin Valley, and create a "state's rights" issue that can reverberate throughout the country. The piece of the bill generating the broadest opposition would change Westlands Water District's place in line for water, giving them priority over Sacramento Valley and Eastside Central Valley Project water users.
What to do
Send a message urging your representative to vote No on H.R. 1837 include some or all of the issues listed above. To identify and email your congressional representative, click here.

In 2006, NRDC and farmers reached a settlement to restore the San Joaquin River and its salmon populations, including water supply and flood control projects to provide benefits for farmers. The settlement had bi-partisan support in Congress, and was enacted into law in 2009. Rep. Nunes' bill would overturn this landmark restoration agreement, send the parties back to litigation and eliminate the water supply and flood control projects that farmers and environmentalists alike have agreed to support. In addition, the bill would likely lead to the permanent closure of a recently re-opened salmon fishery, costing the state thousands of jobs and harming fishing communities along California's coast.

H.R. 1837 is opposed by Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Boxer, California's state legislative leaders, the federal government, sport and commercial fishermen, farmers and conservation groups.