California Water Solutions Now, Third Edition--2011, is a game-changing report published by a broad coalition of 27 fishing, public health, conservation, environmental justice, and tribal organizations. It includes comments related to the state water policy legislation that was passed in November 2009 as well as further discussions of water supply options.

The groups have released this report to inform the ongoing debate about the methods for supplying water to the state. The report, in fact, proposes water delivery and ecosystem recovery actions that can be achieved in a more fiscally responsible and environmentally protective manner than envisioned by the State Department of Water Resources.

California Water Solutions Now shows that, with real reforms, California can have a sustainable water future.

Download a copy of the complete report, or a powerpoint presentation of the report.

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The EWC has developed a set of solutions presented in "A Sustainable Water Plan for California" that demonstrates how water supply reliability can be improved while reducing exports from the Bay Delta Estuary and managing for drought conditions. Many of our recommendations were presented to the Delta Stewardship Council as part of Alternative 2 for the Delta Plan. We have packaged this series of related actions into a single alternative for evaluation in any future NEPA or CEQA evaluations, or by the State Water Resources Control Board. The actions are largely based on the EWC report California Water Solutions Now, which can be referenced for supporting details.

This package of actions represents the EWC alternative to the BDCP as well as solutions for managing California's recurring drought conditions. The plan includes a unique combination of actions that will open the discussion for alternatives to the currently failed policies which continuously attempt to use water as though it were a limitless resource. The plan is about far more than just reduced exports. The uniqueness of this Plan is that while it will reduce the quantity of water exported from the Bay Delta Estuary, it also contains actions that will reduce the demand for water and increase supplies for exporters south of the Delta in order to compensate for the reduced south-of-Delta exports and it provides ideal solutions to solve our drought issues.