The Mission of the Environmental Water Caucus is to achieve comprehensive, sustainable water management solutions for all Californians. EWC and its members employ political, legal and economic strategies to restore ecological health, improve water quality and protect public trust values throughout the San Francisco Bay-Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta estuary and the Central Valley/Sierra Nevada watersheds.

The EWC was formed in 1991. Active members include most groups advocating for equitable and sustainable California water resource use. The major policies advocated by the EWC are described in the "Strategic Goals and Recommended Actions" of the EWC California Water Solutions Now report and in the actions described in the updated solutions plan titled "A Sustainable Water Plan for California."

Recent Developments

A Sustainable Water Plan for California

The EWC has developed A Sustainable Water Plan for California that demonstrates how water supply reliability can be improved while reducing exports from the Bay Delta Estuary and managing for drought conditions. This package of actions represents the EWC alternative to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) as well as solutions for managing California's recurring drought conditions. (6/2018).

Water Fix EIR/S Inadequate Analysis

The EWC and nine other organizations have objected to the lack of reasonable alternatives to the California Water Fix as required by law. The environmental analysis should include an alternative that would maintain through-Delta conveyance and finally begin to increase freshwater flows through the Delta by reducing exports. Instead, the "responsible" agencies persist in confining alternatives to various construction projects that would further reduce freshwater flows and increase water exports to the south. Read the May 22, 2017 letter to the Delta Independent Science Board.

EWC critiques Tunnels Final EIR-EIS

The Environmental Water Caucus submitted formal comments on the Governor's Tunnels Plan Environmental Impact Report/Statement on January 27, 2017. The comments reveal that the State agencies have cherry-picked the data to support their cause and that the tunnels (the so-called California WaterFix) will irreversibly damage the Delta Ecosystem, impact environmental justice communtities, all at unknown financial cost because after years of planning, there is still no financing plan for the tunnels. Read the full comments here.

EWC proposes Plan B to the Delta Tunnels

The Environmental Water Caucus has proposed an alternative to the Delta Tunnels that provides jobs and enhances water security. Read about it here.

Dams are NOT the Answer to Drought

See the latest on real drought responses from the EWC. And take a look at the EWC's Drought Response Principles and Actions.